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All in all the experience was very enriching and it gave me confidence for continuing the art of ceramics, which I have grown to love. I hope that the Elephant’s Eye Tour will be offered next year and I can’t wait to meet more local artists.

Katie Methven, CB West High School Student
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Bob and Joyce Byers - "Corn" level supporters of the Tour.

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All Things Elephants Eye : Meet the newest members of the herd...
Posted: 3/5/2011

An expecting elephant mother has a twenty-two month pregnancy. This is a seemingly long time by human standards, but such time is needed to insure that the baby is ready to tag along with the heard a half hour after its birth.

The herd is on the move and wouldn’t do well to have a flailing helpless newborn to take care of. That lengthy term in the womb is what contributes to the elephant’s wrinkled complexion, as one who has spent too long in a bath can appreciate. Whence incorporated into the herd the baby elephants are rigorously protected and add new vitality to the gang.

As such, the Elephant’s Eye Studio Tour is pleased to announce the "birth" of two new artists and their joining our herd. It may have felt like a twenty-two month gestation trying to find just the right additions to the tour, but the results have plenty of giddyup.

Deborah Bruns-Thomas is host to the Beeline Studio where she creates extraordinary works from teabags. Recycling this delicate material into art, as the substrate for drawn works and even redesigned into sculpture and lampshades. She conjures metaphysical truths with these pieces that have as much warmth and effervescence as a cup of tea. As if this side of her artistic endeavor isn’t enough, she also is a remarkable painter of abstractions.

Devin Bird is a juggler both literally and figuratively. He has juggled with the Give and Take Jugglers for many years while honing his craft in a multiplicity of artforms. One day he is carving a mahogany statue of a blacksmith to chime a bell atop his house with a hammer, the next day he himself is a blacksmith. Devin also makes mounts for museum displays, prints, creates music and reconceptualizes familiar artifacts into thoughtful artwork. His expert craftsmanship allows him to tackle these diverse task with confidence and tease out fascinating ideas.

We hope you'll join the stampede and visit both the new artists as well as our returning studios on this year’s Elephants Eye Tour. Great art and inspiration awaits.

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